Luxury Bath Gel (8 oz.)
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Luxury Bath Gel (8 oz.)

Product ID : bath_gel
Price: $19.00


Our foaming, moisurizing bath gel is a great replacement for that slimy, awkward bar of soap you are still using! It won't leave you with any soapy residue and can even double as a bubble bath. Apply a small amount to a shower sponge to get enough foaming action to clean your whole body in one application.

Sea Kelp, agave and alfalfa extracts nourish the skin while other emollients protect the skin from dryness after your bath or shower.

Custom scent this product with your own unique 5 fragrance blend or leave unscented.

REMEMBER: As with any bubble bath product, women and girls should not soak for more than approximately 15 minutes.


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