Frequently Asked Questions

Allergies and sensitiveties?

At Scent Design, we use premium grade synthetic fragrances. These fragrances are specially made for direct skin application. Using all natural, organic compounds introduces health risks and storage issues. Many natural fragrance compounds are extremely toxic and should only be used in certain ways. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, stay away from them!

Our fragrances have the possibility of containing tree nut or peanut material. We provide 50 fragrances to choose from but our manufacturers make hundreds and we cannot guarantee that there is no cross contamination. Sorry!

My Gift Certificate isn't working?!?

We have totally redone the technology behind the scenes of our shopping cart. The old Gift Certificates are still ok, they just can't be used automatically with our new system.
If you have a Gift Certificate that was purchased in middle 2012 or earlier, you will need to contact us so that we can re-issue a new Gift Certificate on our new system. They are not gone so there is no reason to freak out ;)
Gift Certificates are the same as cash and never expire. Contact us whenever you have any questions or concerns!

Do you offer 'Fragrance Line Creation' and bulk order discounts?

You don't have to be an exclusive member or someone special to get bulk savings. Anything over 10 bottles we consider a bulk order, so please write us and let us know if you are interested in purchasing in larger amounts so we can give you a bit of a break on price.
For orders of 100+ you will definately need to let us know in advance. We can also offer custom bottles and labels at the larger amounts. Allowing for a complete individual identity for your fragrance.

For creating a fragrance line, you need to have a blend picked out and your label graphics ready. If you have specific questions about what is required, don't hesitate to contact us.

Will Scent Design match perfumes or other fragrances?

No we won't. To properly match a perfume that cost months in research and focus group time and hundreds of thousands of dollars takes some pretty expensive equipment. There are places out there on the web that claim they can but after some research you will find that they are scams. Buyer beware!

Does Scent Design have "xxxxx" fragrance?

We are always looking for suggestions on expanding our fragrance list. Many times we think we know what people want when in fact we are way off (sound like anyone you know?). We love suggestions from our customers and friends so please don't be shy.

Can Scent Design make me a fragrance that smells like "xxxxx"?

We are a reseller with a novel idea. We are not a fragrance manufacturer. As we said above, we do love suggestions. Plus asking if we can create fragrances that smell like mushrooms, skunks, urine etc. hold a special place in our hearts (yes, we get those requests!).