How to Design your Fragrance

Step 1

All of Scent Design's products are made for custom scenting with your own 5 fragrance blend. Whether you are choosing bath gel, a heavy duty lotion or your own fragrance oil for wearing directly on your skin, the design process is the same.

Decide what kind of fragrance you are creating and visualize it. Read through our Fragrance List, look at a few Recipes and Blends and read some tips below and let your imagination go.

Step 2

Choose a category on the left and either LOGIN or create a new account. If you choose to design without creating an account, that is perfectly fine. Just remember that you won't have a record of past purchases and you will need to enter your billing and shipping information every time you visit Scent Design.

Step 3

Decide what body or bath product you would like to fragrance. Bubble bath, bath gel and assorted lotions are all for you to custom scent.
If you are interested in straight fragrance oils, we currently offer a 1/3 oz. bottle with rollerball applicator and a 1/3 oz. bottle with spray applicator.

Step 4

Design your scent!
Next to each of our premium products, you will see drop down menus with all of our fragrances listed. Depending on how you select your fragrance oils will depend on how we mix them for you.

For Example:
- If you choose just a fragrance like Vanilla in the first slot and leave the others as '-none-', then you will get a straight Vanilla fragrance.

- If you choose different fragrances in the first and second slots and leave the others as '-none-', we will blend both oils equal parts. The mixture will be 50% of oil #1 and 50% oil #2.

- If you choose the same fragrance for slot #1 AND slot #2, then choose a second fragrance for slot #3, we will mix 2 parts oil #1 to one part oil #2, so your final mix will be mixed in thirds.

When you choose an "add a touch of" fragrance, you are adding an amount of oil that isn't figured into the rest of the mix for ratios.
In other words, in a 1 to 1 blend of Vanilla and Sandalwood, you could "add a touch of" Lavender to give just a hint of spiciness. Stronger oils work well when you use them in the "add a touch of" slot.

Step 5

Checkout! The transaction is complete.

TIP: Designing your fragrance

- First, take some time to read through our Fragrance List and Recipes and Blends. Visualize as best as you can what you are going to create. The fragrance list contains descriptions of each scent, as well as advice on which are stronger and which are lighter. The recipes and blends pages contain a great cross section of our customer's creations.

- Less is more! Having 50 base fragrances available to you at Scent Design and creating your own fragrance means you have close to 3 million possibilities. In the beginning, try to stay simple. Some fragrances are more subtle than others and may get lost inside of stronger fragrances or more complex blends.

TIP: Wearing fragrances and perfumes

- When applying your fragrance, don't apply it to your clothes. Apply it to your 'pulse points': behind your earlobes, the under sides of your wrists and on the right and left side of your neck. You can also apply it to your ankles, your body heat causing the fragrance to rise around you.

- How much fragrance should you wear? One round of application to all of the pulse points will do. If you perspire more than average, you could apply a second round.

TIP: Scenting Lotions and Bath products

- All of our body and bath products can be left as UNSCENTED for anyone with allergies, sensitivities or if you are planning on using an existing fragrance blend of your own.

- The ratios of fragrances you choose for your bath and body products will work the same but the amount of fragrance we use in our bath and body products will be less. That is because too much fragrance oil in a lotion or bath product can compromise the integrity of the product. If you prefer a strong fragrance for your bubble bath etc., consider getting a 1/3 oz. rollerball bottle of custom fragrance and adding it to an UNSCENTED bubble bath (or other product).

- Some fragrances can cause slight discolorations as they age inside of a lotion. Don't panic!